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BoxSizer Proportions

var game = new tine.Game(null, { preload: function() { game.load.image('placeholder', 'assets/placeholder.png'); }, create: function() { var image = game.load.get('placeholder'); // Create flexible bitmaps to fill the sizer area var obj01 = new tine.FlexBitmap(image, tine.STRETCH); var obj02 = new tine.FlexBitmap(image, tine.STRETCH); var obj03 = new tine.FlexBitmap(image, tine.STRETCH); // Set Up the the sizer var area = new createjs.Rectangle(0, 0, game.canvas.width, game.canvas.height); var hbox = new tine.BoxSizer(tine.HORIZONTAL, area); hbox.add(obj01, 1); hbox.add(obj02, 2); hbox.add(obj03, 3); hbox.layout(); // Add bitmaps to stage game.stage.addChild(obj01); game.stage.addChild(obj02); game.stage.addChild(obj03); } });