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Scene Management

Create, stack and replace Scenes with the scenes module.

Scene Transitions

Apply effects during transition between scenes.

Layout Management

Organize display elements into complex layouts using BoxSizers and GridSizers.


Create great particle effects for your games.

Device Detection

Get information about device, system, browser and web features of the client.

Display Features

Scale canvas, set fullscreen, orientation and canvas properties.

Display Elements

Single color, gradient and image progress bars, flexible bitmaps and more.

Tile Maps

Load maps from TMX files, accepting all projections, layer types and tile animations.

Spritesheet and Animations

Use sprite sheets and make animations with EaselJS


Easy and fast tweening with TweenJS.

Cross-platform Sound

Play sounds across all browsers and platforms with SoundJS


Manage and coordinate the asset loadings of your game with PreloadJS